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Hello and welcome to My Loxxi! 

We are Lina and Shantel, both first time mamas and co-founders of My Loxxi. We both gave birth to our cuties a few weeks apart back in 2018, and have been doing this new journey of motherhood together. It’s been filled with lots of highs and some major tantrums, but obviously we wouldn’t trade it for the world. Our new reality has given us an insight and purpose to why My Loxxi even exists.

Leaps are a whole new world that we had no clue about before our babies arrived, only until we were living through them, and that's really our goal when it comes to this business. (learn more about leaps here). We want to create space to empower, support and bring smiles to a mama going through a leap stage with their bubs. Its not easy seeing them struggle while learning and developing, and it can take a toll on us. So we want you to know, while you are putting everything into supporting bub, we’re doing the exact same thing here to support you. Mama you matter, and we’re making sure you know it. 

The idea for My Loxxi started when our kids were going through a leap that never seemed to end. We joked that instead of getting a notification of when our toddlers were going to go through a leap, we would have definitely preferred a stronger liquor of choice or something to give us hope that it would end! The more we joked the more we realized that this actually would be a great idea! We took the leap and made it official while both our families were stuck overseas during COVID (yep, that happened?!). Watching this finally come to life is crazy and exciting and to think it was that laughing moment that has now turned into My Loxxi.   

We are very excited and we know you'll feel the same way when YOUR package arrives! 

Lots of love!

Lina and Shantel 


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