My Loxxi Affiliates

We love the community we have built with our My Loxxi Mamas and we want to reward them for being subscribers, which is why we have started an affiliation program!  

Subscription holders will receive on going discounts to the following businesses, so they can save while they shop and also support some amazing small businesses.                                                                                          

Tan Thursday
Australian made, cruelty free, salon quality and strength tanning products, formulated with natural and organic ingredients to give you a long lasting, hydrating golden tan. Coco Billie is a baby and children’s boutique stocking a collection of beautifully made and aesthetically please in clothing, toys, decor and accessories. 
Nurturing Blossoms Working Mumma
Nurturing Blossoms is a toy and educational resource store dedicated to providing a unique experience in a community that empowers each other to explore childhood education through play.  We curate resources to inspire long lasting and creative play! The Working Mumma Village will help support you in the journey as a working mum to provide the support, resources and community help you thrive. 
Social Betty Little Love Groves
Our minimalist stationery is designed to inspire organization and look elegant.  We have a passion for creating Australian made and environmentally friendly products that can be used from the office to home life. Little Love Groves is a small family owned business stocking a range of beautiful brands, provide a one stop shop for all things eat, play, wear and sleep for babied and children with some gorgeous extras for spoiling yourself and the ladies in your life!
Pod Organics
Mili&rose is a lipstick brand named after Boss Mum (Rose) and her daughter Mili. The colours and the brand are a reflection of the inspirations of those people close to her. Mili&rose offer three colours, two lip tints & one matte liquid lipstick. All lipsticks are vegan, cruelty-free and Australian made💜 At Pod Organics we strive capture the wondrous gifts of nature to bring you and your family products that naturally nourish and nurture.   We pride ourselves in developing products with ingredients that are all natural organic, cruelty free and ethically sourced.  Our products are versatile, multi- purpose and safe for the whole family. 
Bambini Lotus Tea With Wolves
Bambini Lotus creates heartfelt IVF keepsakes to celebrate your Mama journey, through all the stages.  Rachael works with breastmilk, embryo ashes, baby’s first curl and encapsulated placenta to create a custom piece of quality jewellery to remember your journey for life.  Rachael is also in the beginning stages of creating a unique embryo resin artwork to commemorate your IVF journey.  Bold, brave & beautiful jewellery to infuse your style. 
Frogie Hemp Co Australia
Frogie is a soft toy brand, but more than that-we make the fluffy friends your little one will grow up with, and hold their hands as they walk through life. Hemp Co Australia handicrafts skin care that is vegan, natural and actually works! We use only the highest quality ingredients in every product we make, meaning there are no nasties or hidden toxins. Our products help to shrink pores, decrease inflammation and redness while nourishing and moisturizing skin to help with that natural glow! The main ingredient in each of our products, Hemp Seed Oil, is perfect for all skin types."
Natural Aromas Bright Eyes Custom
 Based in Brisbane, I create READY-TO-USE roller blends for adults, kids and babies to room sprays, pure essential oils and essential oil blends. All of our roller blends are created with 100% pure essential oils, are vegan and safe to apply straight onto the skin for adults and our little ones as each blend is made with the suitable dilution.
"True alignment & intentions start with Essential Oils"
- Kareena, Owner of Natural Aromas Australia
Hello, Mama! I'm Beth, owner and artist of Bright Eyes Custom. I'm a wife and mama of two bright-eyed boys. I paint traditional and digital artwork rooted in all things earthy, homey, and good. My passion is to bring beauty and goodness into your home and life through original artwork and custom paintings. I hope my art will bring you the same joy I receive when I create it.
Li'l Missy Picks Little ZZZ Sleep Consultant
Li’l Missy Picks’ jewellery is designed and handmade in Sydney, Australia. Each petal and leaf is crafted individually and meticulously placed to create a beautiful piece for you. Our jewellery is made with passion for beauty, colours and nature for a beautiful and unique you. Each piece has its own story. It radiates feminine nature with a pop of colours and intricate details—a statement piece for women who celebrate femininity in their style and boldly celebrate it. Maryann is a certified sleep consultant and the owner of Little ZZZ Sleep Consultant. Maryann is located in Central West NSW, she helps families across the world doing phone, email and in-home consultations. Maryann uses a holistic approach, ensuring the all areas of the child's life, personality, family lifestyle, nutritions, sleep hygiene and the parents parenting approach. She offers a range of settling techniques to suit all families. Maryann can help with self settling, cat napping, routines, night waking, reducing night feeds, introducing positive sleep associations and any other sleep problems you may be experiencing.


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