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Hello and welcome to My Loxxi! 

We are Lina and Shantel, both first time mamas and co-founders of My Loxxi. We both gave birth to our cuties a few weeks apart back in 2018, and have been doing this new journey of motherhood together. It’s been filled with lots of highs and some major tantrums, but obviously we wouldn’t trade it for the world. Our new reality has given us an insight and purpose and inspired us to start My Loxxi.

The first year of bubs life is insane! Babies go through so much (sleep regressions, feeding, solids, naps, teething, leaps, developmental milestones, crawling, walking, exploring, making noises, and the endless list of learning), and it is so easy for mums to get lost in all of that. All of this made us want to create space to empower, support and bring comfort to mamas navigating this new season with bub. Whether you're a first time mum, second, third, fourth etc.  Bringing a new bub home can be challenging, all while wrapped in a beautiful bubble. So we want you to know, while you are putting everything into supporting bub, we’re supporting you! We know it's hard to make time for yourself, which is why we fill our boxes with products to help you squeeze it in.  They are practical, easily accessible, no thinking involved and self-care focused. Mama you matter, and we’re making sure you know it. 

 We're also so grateful to receive such honest feedback through your reviews. Our mamas are at the top of our list so finding out what's important to you has helped us shape My Loxxi. 

Excited to have you join this journey of motherhood with us!

Lots of love!

Lina and Shantel 


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